Mid Cheshire Independent Adjudicating Panel

over 50+ years in the Carnival World

                                               ABOUT THE MCIAP

 The MCIAP is a none profit making Carnival Dance Troupe panel of adjudicators, with over 50+ years of experience within the "Carnival World". 

The adjudicating panel was formed in 1994 by Mr Ernie Bradbury and Mr Jack Nicholls. Previously Mr Bradbury and Mr Nicholls adjudicated for the National Carnival Association, the Lancashire Carnival Association, the Independent Adjudication Panel (Mr Graham Shaw) and other smaller panels along the way. Other adjudicators, now with the MCIAP, started in the "Carnival World" as either, a dancer, a principal or alternatively trained to be an adjudicator under the watchful eye of experienced adjudicators and we therefore pride ourselves with the knowledge of many years experience.

Each year we host "Troupe Gala’s" which assist teams in raising funds towards their running costs. Through invitation, we hold "Carnival Dance" competitions at Fetes/Galas & Carnival’s throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, & the Greater Manchester Area, where teams from all over the North West and Midlands compete together.

Troupes consist of three or four teams of varying age groups and abilities, these being, Tot’s, Tinies, Juniors & Seniors. At the discretion of the Troupe Principal/Trainer, they can choose to dance their teams in a first division competition or second division competition, but must compete in that division for the complete dancing year.  

Our competition season usually runs from the beginning of April through to the end of September, with our "Start of Season Championship" taking place during a weekend break. This is always exciting, as teams are performing their new routines for the first time. We hold a number of "Championship" competitions throughout the year, namely, Jack & Joan Memorial Championship, The All England Championship and the Premier Championship. Our "End of Season Championship" takes place over a weekend break. This is our final competition of the year and our Annual Awards are presented during a spectacular awards ceremony. Another major event we organise, is a “Charity Fun Day” competition where the teams can compete but at the same time raise funds for different nominated charities.

During the "closed season" (usually October to March) teams will choreograph new routines for the following dancing year.

Throughout the MCIAP we aim to promote SPORTSMANSHIP, FRIENDLINESS, COMPETITIVENESS, GOOD SPIRIT & most importantly FAIRPLAY. These points are PARAMOUNT to all Principals/Trainers, dancers & supporters alike.

The majority, if not all, of our competitions take place on a Sunday and if you would like the MCIAP to host a competition, please see the contacts page for details.

Thank you for reading about the MCIAP